Sunday, April 4, 2010


Now that I'm a lady of leisure, I had time to check out the new Aldi. Very bare bones, but good prices. I tried a few things, and probably will go back. Interestingly, I started to make a grocery price book and was going through receipts from March. A friend had posted some prices, and I'd noticed that eggs and milk were much cheaper at Aldi.  However, from my receipts, I noticed Wal-mart has now dropped prices on milk and eggs and some other things to pretty much match Aldi.


  1. Jackie,

    Already miss you not being at the work!

    Did you notice a quality difference at Aldi compared with Walmart?

    Not sure how this blotting thing works for sure, but it is good to read about you!

    Keep posting!

  2. I noticed they dropped prices too! and WalMart sent me a $5 gift card (to be used at the store directly across the street from the new Aldi).....gotta love that competition.....

    Debbie Long



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